•   All studio rules are to be adhered to without exception, both at the studio and in public.
  • Respect and consideration will be shown to all members of Rosanna's Dance Academy, including Principal, staff, students and parents/carers. Rudeness, disrespect, bullying, gossip, bad language and physical violence will not be tolerated. Members who do not comply with studio rules will be asked to leave and may have their membership revoked. No refund will be given for termination of membership in this manner.
  • Correct grooming is required by all students for each class. Hair, attire and shoes must be appropriate for each class. A 'no shoes, no dance' policy applies.
  • The studio toilet is for students in class only to use. There are public toilets in the centre for use by all other members. A key for these toilets is available at reception and must be returned after use.
  • Parents/carers are not permitted in dance rooms during class. If parents/carers need to speak to teachers, an appointment must be made.
  • No students are to be in dance rooms unless in class. Students are to wait in the reception area before and after classes. Parents/carers are to ensure they are on time for pick up, as supervision is not provided. Students under 16 must be escorted to and from the studio. If a parent/carer is going to be late for pick up, it is their responsibility to contact the teacher to advise.
  • Teachers are to be notified if a student cannot attend class due to illness or otherwise.
  • Food and drinks are prohibited in the studio. Water only is permitted in the dance rooms and reception. Other food/drinks are to be consumed outside. There is to be strictly no sharing of water bottles.
  • Studio property is to be treated with care and respect. Spills and other messes are to be cleaned. Studio equipment is not to be used by members without permission from studio staff. Damages are to be paid for by members responsible.


  • Fees must be paid for regardless of attendance and are issued on a flat rate, per term basis. Fees will not be adjusted for public holidays, student free days, etc.
  • There are no classes on public holidays or student free days, unless a special class is scheduled by the teacher. To make up for these missed classes, any extra rehearsals for performances throughout the year will be free of charge. This does not cover special events.
  • Special events such as workshops, social activities, fundraising events, competition entry, etc will incur a cost. The cost will vary depending on activity.
  • It is assumed that all students participating in classes will perform at end of year concert. If students will not be performing, it is the responsibility of student or parent/carer to advise teachers of this at commencement of term 3. If sufficient notification is not given, students or parents/carers will be responsible for all costs involved in costuming already purchased by teachers.
  • Fees will be emailed prior to commencement of term. It is the responsibility of members to advise of change of email prior to end of previous term.
  • If your teacher is unavailable, every effort will be made to engage a substitute teacher for that class. If no substitute is available, class will be rescheduled. If, in the rare event a class cannot be rescheduled, that amount will be subtracted from the following term's invoice.
  • 10% discount is offered ONLY on fees paid prior to commencement of term.
  • Fees not paid by end of week 2 of term will attract a 10% late fee.
  • Fees not paid by end of week 3 of term will result in students being suspended from classes. Students will not be permitted to return to class until fees are paid. Please note: If a student is suspended from classes in term 4, they may not be permitted to participate in end of year concert.
  •  If a student is not permitted to participate in end of year concert, but costumes have already been ordered, students (or parents/carers for minors) will be responsible for FULL PAYMENT of costumes.
  • Fees still unpaid by end of week 6 will result in a further 10% being added to total bill, and accounts will be forwarded to our collection agent. No exceptions. All costs for this service will be applied to student's account.
  • Payment plans are available, however this must be arranged prior to start of term. Payments not made by agreed dates will attract a 10% late fee on total amount owing.